NEWS: June 30, 2015 – Future Doctors for South Sudan joins forces with Real Medicine Foundation to improve the health of our world’s newest nation. Read more in the press release.

South Sudan has the world’s most devastating health situation: 1 child out of 7 will not live to see her fifth birthday and there are very few trained physicians or adequate medical facilities.

Dr. Ken Waxman witnessed this devastation first hand during his time at a small medical clinic in Gogrial, South Sudan, where he performed surgeries in a tent with no anesthesia, let alone proper lighting.

Ken was compelled to start FDSS because he believes the answer for South Sudan lies with the people of South Sudan. That is why our mission is to support the medical education and training of South Sudanese students in order to increase the number of doctors and quality of health care in South Sudan.

We believe these trained physicians will provide the leadership necessary for a transformation of healthcare, where all mothers and babies survive childbirth, where childhood mortality rates are dramatically reduced, and where diseases and injuries are successfully diagnosed and treated.


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