the need.

South Sudan has the world's worst health statistics.

With the world's highest maternal mortality rate, 1 in 7 mothers have a chance of dying as the result of pregnancy and 1 in 7 children die before age five. 61% of South Sudanese people are suffering from malaria and 48% are malnourished.

This is due to an extreme lack of access to medical care.

There is one doctor per 100,000 people in South Sudan, no trained surgeons operating outside of the capital city and only 15% of births are attended by trained health care workers.


the solution.

Train the future generation of healthcare leaders and build the capacity of South Sudan's medical schools, hospitals & clinics.

Programs that bring in international doctors help temporarily, but once they leave, their expertise goes with them.

We believe the South Sudanese people are the answer. By supporting promising South Sudanese men and women through medical school, we are building a long lasting, sustainable solution.

Strengthening the healthcare infrastructure will improve the health of the South Sudanese people.